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ALBJ Green Power
ALBJ Green Power A Pioneer In Green Energy Generation & Supply

Innovana Thinklabs’ next investment venture is ALBJ Green Power in which it has extended a funding of 26.72 lakhs.

ALBJ Green Power deals in generation and supply of electricity, all across the globe, through renewable sources such as hydro, tidal, wind, solar, etc.

The company promises to bring a major breakthrough in the energy and power sector with its groundbreaking power generation techniques. With its future strategy and plans, ALBJ is expecting a tenfold increase in its revenue in the coming years.

Freshokartz Bridging The Gap Between Farmers And Traders

Innovana Thinklabs Limited adds one more name in its investment ventures by extending a funding of 1.00 Crores in Freshokartz.

Freshokartz offers delivery services of fruits and vegetables which are procured from farms. It is a common platform that connects the farmers to the market. Freshokartz procure quality farm fresh fruits and vegetables directly from the farm and deliver it to the traders/partners associated with them which include Reliance Fresh, IFFCO, to name a few.

With 50000 farmers already associated with Freshokartz, it aims to increase this number to 5,00,000 by 2021 and also bring 2,50,000 partners under its umbrella. The company envisages to organize the complete agriculture sector and improve the quality of farming, as well.

Freshokartz is expecting an 8-10 times increase in its revenue in next 4-5 years.