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Find out how this superb Antivirus continuously protects your PC in an effective manner.


ITL Total Security is a powerful Antivirus packed with the following amazing features.


ITL Total Security works as an Anti-Ransomware by protecting you from ransomware which gain access to your system and demand huge sums of money to give back access.


Scan your system to detect viruses & infections and prevent damage to your Mac by cleaning them instantly. With regular scans, you can ensure complete security of your system at all times.

Web Security

Get the best and the safest web browsing experience by installing the safety add-on on all your web browsers. The add-on blocks all the incoming infections and ads which you may get while surfing the web.

Real-Time Protection

Ensure the security of your system with the Real-Time Protection feature. With this feature, you can get continuous protection from all active infections.

Firewall Settings

Manage and configure the protection level of your Internet connection with Firewall Settings. Allow or disallow connections to any application and block malicious URL's & IPs trying to connect to your PC.

USB Protection

Secure your external devices connected to your system with USB Protection. This feature ensures the security of your USB devices also along with your system.

Intelligent Antivirus

Complete System Security for Optimal Protection

ITL Total Security is an effective and easy-to-use tool to protect your system and keep yourself safe always. Make your system secure like never before and ensure safe web browsing with this amazing protection utility.

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